Mobile Valeting

We offer a mobile valeting and detailing service. We will come to your place of work / home and carry out the work.

The Posh wash

  • Wheels cleaned inside and out including the tyres.
  • Arches cleaned.
  • The whole car covered in a pre cleaner & rinsed.
  • All door shuts degreased and rinsed inc. fuel cap and engine bay.
  • PH neutral snow foam is applied & rinsed.
  • The car is then washed by hand following the correct procedures.
  • The whole car is dried with a plush microfibre towel.
  • The interior surfaces are wiped down and dusted.
  • The car is then vacuumed.
  • Glass is cleaned inside and out.
  • The tyres are then dressed.

Prices start from £70

Full Valets

This service includes everything in the Posh Wash Plus:

  • Tar + glue remover is applied in the washing stages to dissolve and remove tar.
  • Clay is used for any other contaminants stuck to the paint work.
  • Leather seats thoroughly cleaned.
  • Exhausts are polished.

Prices start from £85

Paint Protection

Here are some of the benefits of protecting your vehicle.

  • Cost effective, compare to the main dealership option.
  • Great protection, the layer of protection acts as a shield and stops enviromental substances such as bird lime and tree sap embedding into the lacquer of the paintwork.
  • Longer lasting, we use high quality products which provide a great longevity.
  • Easier to self maintain, once protected, dirt and grime will rinse off the car easier due to the hydrophobic propeties of the wax.
  • We aren’t a car dealership, so we can spend the time needed to get the best result on your new vehicle.

New car protection

This service is ideal for those cars new to the road, or with very few miles ( <500 miles). This service includes:

  • This process starts off with our full Valet service.
  • We use a high quality Carnuba wax to protect the paint work.
  • We can then protect all surfaces, including the wheels, glass, interior (fabric/leather). This is at an additional cost.
  • We can also offer a Ceramic coating option to this service, Please see below for more information.
  • Wax Protection. The wax protection is ideal for those cars with more miles on the clock.
  • This service includes a full valet, with protection applied to the paint work. More emphasis is put on the decontamination process. This is to ensure a clean base and to create a better bond for the wax.

Prices start from £180

Machine Polishing

We offer different levels of machine polishing.

  • Enhancement detail. In this service we carry out a single stage machine polish, using a medium compound. This increases the gloss of the car, and removes 60- 80% of swirl marks and light scratches. This is then sealed and protected with a high quality Carnuba wax.
  • Full correction. In this service, we do numerous stages of polishing to achieve the best finish possible. This service removes 80- 99% of swirls and scratches to leave a fantastic finish. This is then sealed and protected with a high quality Carnuba wax.

Prices start from £240

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your car, this is it. Due to their synthetic properties, Ceramic coatings offer a longer lasting, and higher preforming coating. To ensure the best possible bond for these coatings, we recommend the car receives at least a single stage of machine polishing, to ensure the paint is clean and prepped prior to application. Once the paintwork is sealed, we like to think of it similar to clear shield over the car. With this in mind, we might recommend that a couple of stages of machine polishing are required prior to application to ensure the paintwork is perfect before it’s sealed in.

Please get in touch for a bespoke price.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is the latest and most protective option you can offer to your vehicle. It is a clear film which sits on the surface of the paintwork. It is nearly invisible to the eye – thanks to the machine pre cut patterns which ensure as much surface area is covered once applied . These pre cut patterns eliminates any reason to cut or trim on the car, whilst offering a little over hang – meaning the film can be wrapped around edges. This is great for protection, but also aesthetics.

Where ceramic coating’s act as deterrents for natural contaminants like tree sap, and bird lime – PPF adds the physical element of stone chips, scratches, and light grazes. It is also self healing, meaning lighter swirl marks caused by washing can be removed from heat- often the heat of the sun on a warm day is enough to put the paintwork back to perfect.

Other services

We offer a range of bespoke and additonal services. These include:

  • Wet sanding / deep scratch removal
  • Convertable roof cleaning/ protection
  • Badge removal
  • Scuff repairs
  • Leather cleaning
  • Hubs / calipers painting
  • Stone chip touch ins / SSR
  • black plastic bumper scuff repairs
  • Window tint removal
  • Vinyl decal/ wrap removal

Looking for something not featured here? Please Contact us and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do. If not, we’ll happily advise on the best course of action.